Giving back to the planet when we can

What it's about

“Wealth among traditional people is measured by having enough to give away.” ― Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass

Mountain goats graze on rugged, snow-pocked slopes, just off the Beartooth Highway (2016)
04. 05. 2020.

In one of the proudest moments of my career, I recently became an official member of 1% For the Planet, donating 1% of my yearly income back to four organizations that are doing outstanding work for the good of all.

It's important to me to share, not for bragging rights or ego, but to inspire others to do the same. I was personally inspired by a friend, and once she told me that she was doing this – I knew I should do the same. Because 1% could come in the form of many material things, but we only have one planet. Those of us who can do more simply should, if we're able.

So calculate out 1% of your income – what is it? What does that represent in physical goods that you might be able to do without? Are you able to afford it? If so, what's holding you back from giving it away to causes you believe in?