Born on the road

I'm a creative strategist, designer, and curious human⁠— working and playing in Bend, OR

In 2016, I spent a year on the road with my partner living in an old plumbing van that we gutted, designed, and built out together.

In it, we traveled the American West from Baja to British Columbia, living simply and soaking up every moment. During that time I started dreaming up ways to take my work with me wherever I went, to better harmonize work and life, and live more connected to nature. That's how the idea for Roamer was born, and what led me to settle here in the high desert mountains of Bend, Oregon.

Through Roamer, my goal is to generate more positive change through my creative work, both on and offline. If you're in the environmental/climate, healthcare/wellness, non-profit, or social welfare space, I'd love to talk to you about the ways I'm personally committed to making an impact and about ways we can collaborate.

A Team of One

Staying nimble, adaptable, and affordable to meet you exactly where you are

My Approach

As a freelance creative, I love that I get to work with different people across a range of industries. As a one-woman studio, I'm more affordable and accessible than your average agency.

Through a combination of research, intuition, exploration and experience, I always strive to deliver tailored yet affordable solutions.

A portrait of me, Juliana Linder. I'm wearing a green Patagonia hat, a grey shirt, looking directly into the camera with a closed smile.
Juliana Linder


With a background in English Literature and Visual Culture and over 7 years of industry design experience, my passion lies in leveraging the powers of storytelling for good. In my wild and free time, you can find me cooking, snapping photos, walking the doggoes, or outside enjoying one of many Central Oregon rec sports.

Our dog Ria, a caramel colored goldendoodle, with her life jacket on, sitting on top of our paddleboard in the Deschutes River on a blue sky day.

Client Support

Born on a farm in Northeastern Washington, Ria is my sweet and spicy golden girl. She loves to snuggle, romp at the local dog park, poke her big brother, wrestle, hug, snorkel in the Deschutes river, climb rocks (just like Mom), and carry the biggest stick she can find. You can find her wiggling her butt aggressively and saying hi to everyone she possibly can around Bend.

A photo of our dog Roscoe, a lhasa apso, peeking over the edge of our green hammock in the sun

Project Management

At 14 years old, Roscoe (AKA the Fun Police) runs the show. He loves sitting on laps, cold weather, forest walks, crunchy veggies, a good mountain view and a warm lap. When he's not sleeping or eating, you can find him being a trooper on the trail and keeping everyone in check. And though he recently went blind and suffers from diabetes, he still hops around like a bunny with joy every time we walk in the door!

A photo of our white Toyota Tacoma, named Luna, in the woods

Adventure Wheels

With a convertible bed in the back, Luna is always ready to hit the road. Born in 2019, she's already made the trek to Grand Teton National Park, the biggest and best one yet. So many good memories already and more adventures to come!